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Freshwater species in freefall: why everyone should care

TIUN’s new Living Planet Report has confirmed our worst fears. Freshwater species populations are continuing to plummet — now down 84% on average in the past 50 years. While that shocking statistic tells the story of decades of decline in the overall abundance of freshwater life, it also includes tales of extinction, including this year’s biggest loss — the Yangtze Paddlefish. Sadly, too many other freshwater species are heading for the same fate.It’s no coincidence that confirmation of the ongoing collapse in freshwater species comes just a couple of months after the UN announced that the world was still way off track in terms of SDG6 — providing water for all. Few people connect the two, but the loss of freshwater biodiversity is the clearest sign that we are not on course to achieve that essential goal. Destroying the freshwater ecosystems that our societies and economies depend on is no pathway to sustainable development.Water sustainability has to incorporate the protection of ec…

Justice For the Ocean

A ship runs aground and breaks in two on the shores of a protected area — coating Mauritian beaches, coral reefs and mangroves in a poisonous sludge and putting fisheries and wildlife at risk of toxic contamination. On the other side of world, a fleet of fishing vessels indiscriminately hoover up marine life, including endangered whale sharks, in the Galapagos National Park.The past couple of weeks have brought into sharp relief some of the threats to our ocean, its creatures, and the communities and economies dependent upon its health. Many articles have been written, tweets liked and videos shared. (My 14-year old niece in Mauritius and her friends are prepared to donate their hair to the clean-up efforts.) We are sad and outraged.What can we take from these seemingly disconnected events? Apart from the obvious — that the behaviour of the captains, crews, and companies behind these vessels is damaging ocean health and economies — there are lessons here about what needs to be done to…

10 Fascinating Dolphin Facts

Did you grow up loving Flipper?  Dolphins are truly lovable, but they are far more than just fun creatures of the sea. Here are 10 fascinating dolphin facts that will make you love them even more.1. Nearly 40 species of dolphins swim the waters of the world. Most live in shallow areas of tropical and temperate oceans, and five species live in rivers.2. Dolphins are carnivores. Fish, squid and crustaceans are included in their list of prey. A 260-pound dolphin eats about 33 pounds of fish a day.3. Known for their playful behavior, dolphins are highly intelligent. They are as smart as apes, and the evolution of their larger brains is surprisingly similar to humans.4. Dolphins are part of the family of whales that includes orcas and pilot whales. Killer whales are actually dolphins.5. Dolphins are very social, living in groups that hunt and even play together. Large pods of dolphins can have 1,000 members or more.6. Depending on the species, gestation takes nine to 17 months. After birth…

Celebrate World Whale Shark Day with PADI

Love the biggest fish in the sea? So do we! A whale shark sighting makes any dive one of the most memorable in your logbook. That’s why today, and frankly every day, we’re all about these gentle giants.Dive In… VirtuallyMissing time in the water with the shark Jacques Cousteau only saw three of in his lifetime? Check out this video to get your fix.
Show Whale Sharks Some Love
We’re launching a limited edition whale shark charity tee, with proceeds funding Project Aware’s critical efforts to protect the oceans whale sharks call home. With massive migratory areas and as filter feeders that often consume micro-plastics, whale sharks need all the help they can get.
Hurry! This tee shirt is as elusive as a whale shark sighting – and disappears on September 1st. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to snag a whale shark recycled plastic face mask.
Buy a Charity Tee
Test your Whale Shark IQ Plan a Whale Shark Adventure
Can't get enough of Whale Sharks? Well, at the PADI Tor…

Six Food Actions for a 1.5oC Future

The world is getting warmer and urgent action is needed to fight the climate crisis and limit temperature increases to 1.5oC. The last decade was the warmest on record and the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is the highest in human history. From heat waves to forest fires, floods to tropical storms, desertification of nature to melting polar ice caps, the impacts are severe.
In December 2015, 196 countries agreed to the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change. It is supposed to intensify the actions and investments needed to save our world, but the pace of implementation has been far from what is needed to achieve a 1.5oC future. Indeed, in many instances, the ambition in national climate plans is also lacking.
The food system produces as much as 37 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. In a business-as-usual scenario, the food system alone will use up the total carbon budget of a 1.5oC world. It’s impossible to remove all of these emissions, while also producing the food we need t…

Let's be Mermen

MERMANING BY THE SEA SCHOOL HOLIDAY This is the ultimate experience for all ocean loving kids, 7-14. We’ll spend the whole day (8:30am-3pm) at the ocean, learning about the ocean. It includes merman yoga, learning about endangered ocean species, creating ocean bracelets, mermaning in the beautiful ocean pool and action for the ocean. Only 10 Merfolk per Workshop. Sign up ($130-$150).
MERMAN BIRTHDAY PARTY A birthday celebration is the perfect time to make your little merman’s dreams come true. Why not throw a ‘merforgettable’ merman birthday party at your own swimming pool ar at the state of the art private pool in Saigon’s Lan Anh village? Let us make the special day active, fun and easy on you!
MERMAN FITNESS FOR ADULTS The famous merman fitness class will get your body moving and heart racing in more ways than one. After a good stretch and a few breathing exercises, we elegantly slide into the sea to get your body moving and your endorphins flowing. It’s time to release your inner merma…

5 Reasons You'll Love Mermaning

MERMANING FEELS AWESOME Mermaning has been described by the experts as a “total body workout". There is nothing better than exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise! Connect with the water and with yourself and enjoy the benefits: stronger core muscles, higher endurance, higher flexibility in shoulders, spine and hips, less back pain, better self-esteem, and a happier soul because you were able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to simply enjoy a new activity!
HEALTHY FUN Mermaning is the new way to be active, become fit and much more fun than traditional swimming. All our classes include activities such as Merman Yoga, discover Mermaning techniques (swimming will never be the same!), play underwater games, learn how to equalise and we even shoot underwater pictures and videos! Don’t you just love that?
WORLDWIDE TREND FOR WILDLIFE LOVERS Mermaning is not only for kids and want-to-be Mermen or Mermaids! Mermaning is for everyone who loves water! It is a delightful…

What is a Merman Monofin?

Tiun's Best Monofin Our exclusive monofin is the most comfortable, safe, and realistic merman monofin in the world. You will experience a new level of merman power as you glide through the water with the best merman monofin available! They fit so naturally you can hardly see your feet and ankles inside, which helps you look like a REAL mermaid! Although our monofin fits comfortably and securely, you can also remove it quickly and easily with a light tug and a kick.
How to use a Tiun Monofin Please do not hop, walk or try to use stairs with the monofin on your feet. Put it on once you are at the edge of the water, then slide into the pool carefully. Understand that it may take some effort to get your feet into the holes at first. The monofin is designed this way to hold your feet securely in place while you swim. Putting on the monofin and mermaid tail is easy! With the monofin already in the tail, roll the mermaid tail fabric down to the monofin so you can see the foot holes and slip…



Become a Lifeguard
If you are comfortable in and around the water and you want to learn skills that include communication, problem-solving and teamwork, join the TIUN Lifeguard Team, become a lifeguard and make a difference! Lifeguards have two primary responsibilities; preventing accidents and saving lives. For some, lifeguarding is a fun and exciting job or part-time work. Others join professional water safety teams and lifeguarding becomes a full-time career.


Pool Lifeguard
A TIUN Lifeguard Instructor is capable of training and certifying TIUN Water Safety Attendants and TIUN Pool Lifeguards. This means that a location with a Lifeguard Instructor is able to train new staff to accommodate the needs of an aquatic facility. Upon completion you are certified as an TIUN Lifeguard Instructor Pool with the option to upgrade your training for training Lifeguards for duties in environments outside of pools and …

Biking with River Otter Tour

Recharge while sharing waters with river otters and other widlife. Experience the welcoming wonder of this remote part of Mermaid Forest and the local Indigenous culture. This trip has been selected by Tiun Mermaid Club as a "Vietnamese Signature Experience!" These trips conveniently begin and end from your accommodation in Ho Chi Minh city, include van transportation, a scenic bike ride to our Cat Tien National Park, and the perfect mix of personal and group time on the rain-forest.Our daily routines flow with the weather, Indigenous cultural and community opportunities, and wildlife. Taking full advantage of the comforts and conveniences of our base camp, each day's outings by bike and foot allow us to share nearby highlights, including:Curious river otters, langurs, and possibly of biking with gaurs, which can include deers, bears & other wild birdsBlack bear viewing from vans while they forage along the forest lineIndigenous cultural interactions and traditional …



Inspring Lifetime Swimmers
Swimming is an essential life skill – young or old, everyone loves jumping into the water on a hot summer day and splashing around. But to actually enjoy the water, learning to swim is a process. If you learn the right way, you will not only be safe, you will have fun and enjoy the water for a lifetime. Learning to swim opens up a multitude of water related experiences like snorkeling or scuba diving in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Swimming can even be an individual or team sport in a swimming pool or even open water.

Swim Teacher Baby
The key ingredients of Baby Swim is patients, quick reflexes and understaning how children think. Baby Swim also requires skilled communication with parents. After completing this program, you will be certified and qualified to teach Baby Swim and the Aquababy classes.

Minimum Age: 16
Certification Prerequisites: None

Swim Teacher Ki…


The lifelong dream of being a Merman can now become a reality. TIUN has an entire range of Merman programs including our popular Merfolk and Mermaid Instructor. Learning to swim in a Merman tail is both a enjoyable way to show your creative side and a healthy way to work out. Contrary to what you might have heard, becoming a Merman is not limited to children. TIUN teaches Mermaids and Mermen of all ages, shapes and sizes. Best of all, our experience teaching Swimming and Freediving guarantees your comfort, confidence and having fun underwater! Of course, you can also become an TIUN Merman Instructor.
Siren Course The TIUN Try Merman program is your introduction to the world of mermaids and mermen and to swimming with an merman monofin. This entry-level program gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world in a confined water setting. You will earn the TIUN Siren recognition rating.
Minimum Age: 6 Certific…

Merman School in Bali

So you want to be a Mermaid/Merman? "Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve dreamt of being a merman. In fact, after seeing The Little Mermaid, I was convinced that being a merman was my life’s destiny. I’d spend hours in the pool, practicing my mermaid swimming technique, until my skin turned wrinkly and the sun would set. Flash forward 9+ years and that dream still lives strong. So when I found out that there is a Merman School in Bali, I jumped (or should I say swam) at the chance to live out my dream!" said Merman Tide
Merman Tiun club TIUN was created by Merman Tiun. Initially starting out ‘mermaning’ (that can be a verb, right?) as a fun pastime with friends, Merman Tiun saw a wonderful opportunity to spread the joy of being a merman with others. He started to design and create merman tails for himself, before expanding the business into selling the merman tails and products worldwide. He even supports the Merman Tiun club by using small local businesses to manufacture his p…

Welcome to Our Fabulous World of Merfolk!

TIUN’s very first Merman experience has arrived giving budding Merfolk to make a splash at Merman Tiun club. The experiences packages which will be available to buy from the TIUN online shop gives your child the opportunity to realize their dream of becoming a merman/mermaid in a safe, structured environment while wearing one of our unique merman tails!
Our Mermaid Ellie & Merman Tide said “We are really excited to bring this unique experience opportunity to Merman Tiun club and look forward to meeting all of our merfolk”. Each experience is led by one of our fully qualified Merman skills instructors and includes a mini merman photoshoot, merman swimming skills, merman games and merman cap gifts.

Mermaid Cimi, Assistant Manager at Merman Tiun club said “we are extremely proud to be the first facility here in TIUN to be offering these sessions, and hope all our would-be Mermen have a fantastic experience here at Merman Tiun club, Cimi also reminds people who are interested that “Plac…