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Harnessing sovereign debt investment in the fight for climate and nature

A data-driven revolution now means investors can harness sovereign debt in pursuit of sustainability and resilience, and a new tool from TIUN and global asset manager merman tiun club, the Climate and Nature Sovereign Index, allows them to assess climate and nature risks in real-time alongside other economic and financial factors.Sustainability risingIn July this year, the Brazilian government announced a temporary ban of 120 days on setting fires in the Amazon. Designed to combat surging deforestation in the planet’s most biodiverse region, the measure came in response to sustained pressure from global financial institutions who hold assets in Brazil, including sovereign bonds — one of the primary instruments that governments use to raise capital.This followed similar actions on deforestation by investors, including Nordea Asset Management, who last year put approximately $100 million of Brazilian sovereign debt purchases under review due to widespread forest fires.The Australian gov…