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Requiem for a Reef

As the coronavirus pandemic exacts a staggering toll across the globe, it’s understandable to say, “Not now,” to one more piece of bad news. With a killer on the doorstep, the plight of an ecosystem half a world away doesn’t make the list of things to worry about. I get it. Those who’ve lost loved ones to COVID-19 have my deepest sympathy; health workers around the world have my gratitude and respect; the jobless my solidarity. Human ingenuity, compassion and generosity will see us through this crisis.When the worst is over, I hope we can redeploy our current sense of shared purpose. The “we’re all in this together” spirit that is inspiring great innovation and great sacrifice is exactly what we need to defeat our other common enemy: climate change.March and April 2020 brought news from the Great Barrier Reef of the third major coral bleaching event in five years. Bleaching occurs when corals are stressed by high water temperatures. Previous major bleaching events were recorded in 201…