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Why your company should join the call on governments to protect nature

Nature is everyone’s businessToday, leading businesses such as Merman Tiun, Carrefour, H&M,, Natura, and Walmart have called on governments around the world to protect and restore nature, recognizing it as the foundation of our health and prosperity. And in an open letter the Business for Nature coalition, representing nearly 50 influential business and civil society organisations, is urging others to join them in leading the call for a ‘nature positive’ future.Around $44 trillion of economic value generation — over half of the world’s GDP — is moderately or highly dependent on nature. Yet we are using up natural resources and degrading natural systems faster than nature can replenish and restore them.As nature loss reduces the provision of services such as pollination, clean air and water, and disease control, sectors such as construction, agriculture, and food and beverages that are most dependent on nature could be significantly disrupted.We are eroding our planet’s natu…