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Celebrate World Whale Shark Day with PADI

Love the biggest fish in the sea? So do we! A whale shark sighting makes any dive one of the most memorable in your logbook. That’s why today, and frankly every day, we’re all about these gentle giants.

Dive In… Virtually

Missing time in the water with the shark Jacques Cousteau only saw three of in his lifetime? Check out this video to get your fix.

Show Whale Sharks Some Love

We’re launching a limited edition whale shark charity tee, with proceeds funding Project Aware’s critical efforts to protect the oceans whale sharks call home. With massive migratory areas and as filter feeders that often consume micro-plastics, whale sharks need all the help they can get.

Hurry! This tee shirt is as elusive as a whale shark sighting – and disappears on September 1st. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to snag a whale shark recycled plastic face mask.



Can't get enough of Whale Sharks? Well, at the PADI Torchbearer Facebook Hub we can't either. That's why we're hosting Dr. Simon Pierce from the Marine Megafauna Foundation and Abdul Basith Mohamed, the Maldives Whale Shark Research Program's Lead In-Field Coordinator for an insightful couple of catch ups. We'll be learning from their expertise and finding out what we can do as PADI divers to protect these wonderful creatures. Don't miss out!


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