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5 Reasons You'll Love Mermaning


Mermaning has been described by the experts as a “total body workout". There is nothing better than exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise! Connect with the water and with yourself and enjoy the benefits: stronger core muscles, higher endurance, higher flexibility in shoulders, spine and hips, less back pain, better self-esteem, and a happier soul because you were able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to simply enjoy a new activity!

Mermaning is the new way to be active, become fit and much more fun than traditional swimming. All our classes include activities such as Merman Yoga, discover Mermaning techniques (swimming will never be the same!), play underwater games, learn how to equalise and we even shoot underwater pictures and videos! Don’t you just love that?

Mermaning is not only for kids and want-to-be Mermen or Mermaids! Mermaning is for everyone who loves water! It is a delightful, liberating and exhilarating activity, a growing fitness trend in Europe, the US, Canada and in South-East Asia. In Vietnam, thousands of children are buying the monofins they need to experience the joy of mermaning. Now is the time to join in the fun!

Mermaning gives you a great excuse to get together with your current friends, it also allows you to meet new like-minded people. Because the classes are kept small (up to six people) they become a shared experience. We break the ice by getting to know three fun facts about one another. We support humour and laughter but be WARNED! You might stop laughing when the sore muscles remind you of the serious nature of the exercise a few days later!

Bring out your inner child and feel the magic. In our classes, we encourage individuality and applaud when you step outside of your comfort zone. Experience the freedom, feel the water in totally new way and explore your body and mind. Forget about all surface fuss - school, social media, mobile phone, worries of everyday life and simply BE YOURSELF.


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The lifelong dream of being a Merman can now become a reality. TIUN has an entire range of Merman programs including our popular Merfolk and Mermaid Instructor. Learning to swim in a Merman tail is both a enjoyable way to show your creative side and a healthy way to work out. Contrary to what you might have heard, becoming a Merman is not limited to children. TIUN teaches Mermaids and Mermen of all ages, shapes and sizes. Best of all, our experience teaching Swimming and Freediving guarantees your comfort, confidence and having fun underwater! Of course, you can also become an TIUN Merman Instructor.
Siren Course The TIUN Try Merman program is your introduction to the world of mermaids and mermen and to swimming with an merman monofin. This entry-level program gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world in a confined water setting. You will earn the TIUN Siren recognition rating.
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